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ZECO (Green ZEB Consulting)
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Net Zero Tracker (ESG)
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Green remodeling
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[Int.] Reable Net Zero Tracker Signs Partnerships with GRESB
We have signed a partnership with GRESB, a global ESG certification body for real estate. Through Net Zero Tracker, we would like to automatically process and provide the data required for guidance and certification for GRESB.
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[Int.] Reable Net Zero Tracker, AA1000V3 assurance provider registration
We have acquired a verification provider license from AccountAbility, an international consulting and sustainability standards organization aimed at developing responsible business practices and improving long-term performance. We aim to provide a total solution from sustainable (ESG) data management to third-party verification.
[Dom.] Reable Net Zero Tracker Signs MOU with Mastern Investment Management
Mastern Investment Management, one of Korea's leading asset investment management, has signed an MOU with Reable to achieve net-zero assets under management in the future. By joining forces with Master Investment Management, Reable aims to secure data from Seoul's major business districts to make our platform more universal and competitive.
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[Dom.] Reable BEMS signs MOU with TheWaveTalk
We signed an MOU with The.Wave.Talk, a water quality management service platform, to build a water quality monitoring system. Through this, we aim to provide an organic building environment by collecting and analyzing data on the quality of water used in buildings.
[Int.] Signed MOU to supply Reable solutions to international markets
Signed an agreement with Singapore-based Ren Studio to distribute Reable BEMS and Net Zero Tracker in Asia and Oceania.
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[Event] SK ecoplant’s Open Technology Contest '2023 Contech Meet-Up Day' Winner
"Contech Meet-Up Day" is an open technology competition that SK ecoplant has been implementing since 2020 to discover domestic small and medium-sized companies and startups with innovative technologies and ideas and support research and development. SK ecoplant has held a public offering since September and has received a total of 120 technologies in the fields of environment, energy, and smart construction. After reviewing documents and presenting presentations, five companies, including two ▲ Environment, one ▲ Energy, and two ▲ Smart Construction, were finally selected as award-winning companies.. (Article excerpt)
Reable스마트건설분야 (‘인공지능 기반 제로에너지 빌딩 토탈 솔루션)에 있어 기술력을 인정받아 최종 수상하였습니다!
Reable was awarded the final award in recognition of its technological prowess in the field of smart construction (a total solution of zero energy buildings based on artificial intelligence)!
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[EMS] Selected ZEB Infrastructure Support Project We support 80% of BEMS installation cost for ZEB-certified buildings.
* Please check the conditions below and contact us via Kakao Channel or email.
1. ZEB Certified Building 2. Building to be installed by BEMS before October 30, 2024
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[Green ZEB Consulting] Green Building Certification Commissioning Design Phase Price *The price below apply only to contracts before December 31, 2023.
By floor area
50,000 m² or less
50,000 m² or less
More than 50,000 m² Less than 100,000 m²
100,000 m² or more
[Case Project] EnergyX, 'Plus Zero Energy Building’
'The EnergyX DY Building is a collection of energy technologies accumulated through the platform and is the first commercial "plus zero energy building" in Korea with an energy independence rate of 118%. A "plus-zero energy building" means that energy production exceeds energy consumption. (Article excerpt)
Reable is responsible for the building's zero energy consulting, BIPV facade design, BIPV supply, and BEMS installation & operation.
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[New Released_policy]

‘Government's Blueprint to Achieve Carbon Neutrality and Realize Green Growth by 2050 Unveiled’

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'National Assembly passes special law to revitalize distributed energy’

(참고자료)신산업분산에너지과, 「분산에너지 활성화 특별법」 국회 통과.pdf
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[New Released_policy]

'IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standard Disclosures’

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